No ‘red tyre rule’ – Bridgestone

Fri, 19 January 2007, 02:42

F1’s sole tyre supplier Bridgestone has baulked at reports that the so-called ‘red tyre rule’ has been given a green light to debut this year.

Although the rules have been tweaked so that each driver must use two types of tyre compound at each grand prix, early this week it was suggested that the regulation would involve the red colouration of the softer option’s side walls.

However, a spokesman for the Japanese marque insisted that Bridgestone “has not at this time” held official discussions about the proposal with the FIA or the eleven teams.

Article 77c of the Sporting Regulations reads: “Unless he has used wet or extreme-weather tyres during the race, each driver must use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the race.”


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