No sign of ‘dark and moody’ Alonso – Boullier

Sat, 23 May 2015, 11:35

May 23 (GMM) Eric Boullier has laughed off claims he breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday.

It was on that day that Lewis Hamilton signed his new Mercedes deal.

Asked if he is relieved the door to the dominant German giant was closed to Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Honda chief Boullier laughed: “Those stories were just media speculation.

“Fernando decided to sign with us for many reasons and did so for several years — anything else is nonsense,” he told the Spanish sports daily Marca.

“I think the only one breathing relief was Toto (Wolff), as he (Hamilton) did not go to Ferrari or even come back here, as you never know,” Boullier added.

The Frenchman also said he has seen no sign of the rumoured ‘dark and moody’ Alonso.

“I haven’t seen it yet,” Boullier laughed again. “I’ve only seen the bright side.”

In fact, he said the Spaniard’s mood so far in 2015 has been “better than expected, actually”.

“He has a very positive attitude and is pushing and driving in the same way as if he was winning races.”

Boullier clarified suggestions it was actually Honda that pushed for and signed Alonso, given the disastrous way the Spaniard’s first McLaren foray went in 2007.

“Well, that’s not true and it is true. What is for sure is that Honda is a partner and not a supplier and their opinion was taken into account,” he said.

“But also the sponsors as well (had a say), and when we said we wanted Fernando, everybody said ‘Yes please’.

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