Now Montezemolo attacks Bernie, FIA

Thu, 25 October 2007, 01:27

After lambasting McLaren, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has broadened his post-championship attack.

Despite Kimi Raikkonen’s drivers’ title victory last Sunday, Montezemolo used the occasion to denounce McLaren for this year’s espionage affair and censure Lewis Hamilton for having not always “behaved exemplarily” in his rookie season.

The Italian is now quoted as scolding F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone for having publicly favoured Hamilton as his preferred champion of 2007.

“I’ve read what Bernie Ecclestone had to say about Lewis Hamilton’s skin colour and that it would be even better if he was a muslim,” Montezemolo said.

“Bernie would be better off talking about how the dishonourable decision taken by the FIA was humiliating for everyone, starting with him.”

Montezemolo also cynically denounced the World Motor Sport Council for earlier this year declaring McLaren’s car as illegal but allowing Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to continue fighting for the title.

“I’ve already thought about competing in the next championship with a 8 litre engine — the team would be disqualified, but the driver would still win,” he defiantly mocked.

He compared the concept of a McLaren driver winning this year’s title to a “jockey who races with a doped horse”.

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