Nurburgring admits 2017 F1 race uncertain

Mon, 20 July 2015, 11:35

Jul.20 (GMM) Former German grand prix venue the Nurburgring has admitted the fate of the race in 2017 is uncertain.

After the country fell off this year’s schedule, the German grand prix is definitely returning next year with a race at Hockenheim.

But the 2015 absence was due only to the Nurburgring’s tumultuous financial and ownership situation, and given the existing race-alternating deal, the same problems could arise all over again in 2017.

“Whether formula one comes to the Nurburgring in 2017 is anybody’s guess at the moment,” admitted Carsten Schumacher, chief of the Nurburgring’s current operator, Capricorn.

“I think in principle it is possible to organise formula one races in Germany, but not under the current conditions,” he told the news agency SID.

And the Nurburgring chief points the finger at formula one.

“Today’s generation of drivers is not comparable to those of the past,” he said, and he also said the cars and the races “must be more spectacular again” to revive interest.

“The general conditions have changed significantly compared to the great times of Michael Schumacher,” he insisted. “With 90,000 spectators at the track, we have far fewer problems to pay the sums Mr Ecclestone demands.”

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