Nurburgring’s F1 future after 2013 ‘open’ – report

Thu, 4 July 2013, 09:35

Jul.4 (GMM) The future of the Nurburgring’s formula one race beyond this weekend’s German grand prix is clouded.

We reported last week that the event is only on this year’s calendar because Bernie Ecclestone waived his usual sanctioning fee — believed to be EUR 14 million.

Track boss Karl-Josef Schmidt admitted on Wednesday to the German news agency DPA that the arrangements with Ecclestone for the 2013 race are “unique”.

But he said the reports of a EUR 14 million ‘gift’ from Ecclestone are nonsense.

The F1 chief executive took responsibility for “part” of the fee, “not the whole thing”, Schmidt clarified.

For the race organisers, he added, 2013 is more about keeping the race at the Nurburgring – which is for sale – rather than making a profit.

But beyond 2013, the Nurburgring’s future in F1 “remains open”, the DPA report concluded.

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