Official ‘delighted’ Mosley skipped Spain GP

Sat, 26 April 2008, 10:31

The highest ranking motor racing official in Spain said he is “delighted” that scandal-ridden Max Mosley elected to stay away from Barcelona for the grand prix this weekend.

Some observers have criticised the FIA president’s absence as the ‘EveryRace’ campaign was launched at the Circuit de Catalunya, but the Spanish racing federation president Carlos Gracia declared that Mosley and an anti-racism drive do not currently go together.

“I’m delighted that Max is not here,” he told the Associated Press.

Gracia, with a vote in the FIA Senate, also doubts that the 68-year-old Englishman will emerge with his job from the June 3 meeting.

“He’s damaged FIA a lot with this. FIA is an entity that needs to send out an image of credibility,” he explained.

In Jordan for the FIA world rally, Citroen chief Olivier Quesnel confirmed that he was anxious about bumping into Mosley.

“We understand that it is his private life, but the problem is that everybody knows what is in his private life,” he is quoted as saying by The Independent.

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