Only government can save Canada GP

Fri, 10 October 2008, 07:00

Oct.9 (GMM) Only the government can step in to bring Canada back onto the formula one calendar beyond 2009, a spokesman for the axed Montreal race’s promoter insists

Paul Wilson, speaking on behalf of race promoter F1 Grand Prix du Canada, confirmed that a commercial disagreement with Bernie Ecclestone led this week to the cancellation of the contract

“It’s a technical problem with the contract,” F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone was quoted by Canadian media as confirming

Wilson said Montreal can no longer compete with the sorts of fees paid by new race promoters like China and Abu Dhabi

“We are sorry that Mr Ecclestone deemed it appropriate to cut short the negotiations and react in this manner,” he said

“For an organisation like ours, which is to say a private promoter, the actual business model implemented by the owners and the formula one teams is no longer feasible.”nnHe said the future of the event now rests in the hands of government bodies, that are reportedly interested in rescuing the race

“It’s for them to call the shots. If they think it’s a good idea for the city, for the province, for the country, let’s go for it,” Wilson said

“They all want to get together and are very much trying to get moving on this as one.”n

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