Paparazzi snap Ferrari’s Kimi

Fri, 12 January 2007, 12:33

Mere days into Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari tenure, the Finn has already found the working end of an Italian paparazzi’s long lens.

Tabloid photographs are doing the rounds that depict the blonde haired 27-year-old – who is known to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or three – slurping on a glass of white wine during dinner after a day of meeting the specialist media at Madonna di Campiglio this week.

Innocent the drink might be, but former Ferrari driver and triple world champion Niki Lauda joined those commentators who wonder whether ‘the iceman’ can ably replace Michael Schumacher in 2007.

“They are completely different characters,” the Austrian, 57, told the popular newspaper Bild.

“He has a huge amount of talent, but his discipline is not so refined.”

Lauda, though, thinks the adrenaline of Kimi’s switch from McLaren will give the Finn pace at least at the beginning of the year.

He said: “The really big question is what is going to happen after a few months.

“During that time he has also got to get the full support of those around him, so in this area as well (Felipe) Massa must surely have the advantage.”


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