Passing to be harder in 2007 – Heidfeld

Thu, 9 November 2006, 07:53

The presence of only one tyre supplier will make overtaking in F1 even rarer, Nick Heidfeld says.

The BMW-Sauber driver insists that Michelin’s immediate withdrawal from the sport, ahead of the advent of an official control-tyre situation in 2008 and beyond, means that on-track passing will be more difficult in the future.

“When you’ve got different tyres, it’s more probable that the cars will take different turns at different speeds,” said Germany’s Heidfeld, 29.

“In consideration of this fact, I expect overtaking to become slightly more difficult.”

The 2006 survey conducted by the FIA showed that 86 per cent of fans believe that stimulating overtaking is the most important element of the sport to be improved.


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