Petrov set for F1 return as powerful pay-driver

Tue, 1 October 2013, 08:35

Oct.1 (GMM) Vitaly Petrov could be set to burst back into F1 as a powerful pay-driver, it has emerged.

Once racing for Renault and Caterham, the Russian’s former manager, Oksana Kosachenko, claimed last week that Petrov has managed to come up with an impressive EUR 25 million in sponsorship to offer a 2014 team.

Speaking to Russia’s Championat, 29-year-old Petrov did not deny Kosachenko’s claim.

“I think Oksana always knows more about everyone, in all the projects,” he said sarcastically.

“There is nothing to comment on. I don’t know what to say,” added Petrov.

He hinted, however, that he might now be well placed to secure a seat in 2014, after a season on the sidelines.

“We know that some teams have money worries,” said Petrov, “so there is the chance for drivers who can help in this area.”

With Sauber already preparing to field a Russian driver next year in the form of Sergey Sirotkin, the big rumour is that Petrov could line up for the Russian supercar maker-owned team, Marussia.

“At the moment there is nothing new to say,” Petrov answered, “but it is not a disadvantage for me if some teams wait a little while before deciding their drivers.”

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