Petrov would refuse to sign anti-Russia document

Fri, 17 March 2023, 07:00

Mar.17 (GMM) If Vitaly Petrov was still an active Formula 1 driver, he says he would currently be sitting out the world championship.

Now 38, Petrov became Russia’s first ever F1 driver over a decade ago, racing for Renault and Caterham.

But with F1’s governing FIA now forcing Russian athletes to sign a special document as a result of the current Ukraine conflict, Petrov said he would be sitting out 2023.

The ‘driver commitment’ document commits Russian drivers to standing “in solidarity” with Ukraine, and removing any reference or sign of their Russian nationality.

“I would probably never sign such a thing,” Petrov told Tass news agency.

“I understand that young people want to compete, and many athletes already compete under a neutral flag now,” he said. “But I hope that all of this will be resolved soon.

“For now we need to wait a bit – be patient,” he added. “But to compete without our flag? I ask why then do all the Russian athletes compete?

“I want to bring victory not only for myself, but for Russia.”

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