Pirelli choosing tyres for ‘better show’ in 2024

Sun, 24 March 2024, 05:00

Mar.24 (GMM) Pirelli is trying to spice up Formula 1’s on-track action in 2024.

At round three of the new world championship, it is already clear that Max Verstappen and Red Bull will almost certainly remain dominant for yet another season.

But the good news is that Pirelli, the sport’s sole tyre supplier that works closely with the needs of F1 commercial rights holder Liberty Media, is vowing to help keep the races interesting.

When asked why Pirelli brought softer compounds than usual to Melbourne, the Italian company’s F1 boss Mario Isola told DAZN: “To make life difficult for the drivers and to have more spectacle on the track.”

He admits it was an “aggressive” tyre compound selection than usual.

“We hope to see two stop races instead of one stoppers like last year,” said the Italian.

“We want most of the races to be like that,” Isola admitted. “For example, here we have seen some graining, which for them is a problem, but for us it means a bigger show.

“The cars and drivers are different and use the tyres in different ways,” he added. “We saw here that the Red Bull does not seem so unbeatable. I hope that’s right, not for Red Bull but at least we will have a better show.”

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