Pirelli explosion ‘unacceptable’ – Perez

Thu, 10 October 2013, 02:35

Oct.10 (GMM) Sergio Perez has stepped up his attack on F1 tyre supplier Pirelli, after his “explosion” in Korea a few days ago.

Pirelli had played down the Mexican’s failure, saying it was simply caused by Perez badly locking the brakes on his McLaren.

“That something happens after a brake lockup is absolutely unacceptable,” Perez is quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

He said he doubts Pirelli’s official explanation.

“I’ve never heard of a brake (lockup) automatically leading to an explosion of tyres,” said Perez.

“For me it was not normal: it’s unacceptable that the tyre explodes.”

Perez’s attack follows those of Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, towards the end of a tumultuous season for F1’s official tyre supplier.

“I knew that there were cars behind me and I just prayed that the rubber pieces do not hit them,” Perez continued.

He revealed: “We could see that the tyre temperatures were going up, which is why I braked five metres earlier and with less pressure on the pedal.

“I was surprised when the brakes locked. I came around the corner and the tyre exploded on the straight,” added Perez.

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