Pirelli to create tyres for good F1 ‘show’

Sun, 27 June 2010, 06:01

Jun.27 (GMM) Pirelli has acknowledged it has a role to play in boosting formula one’s “show”.

The Italian brand is F1’s new exclusive supplier beginning next year, and some figures see it as an opportunity to create tyres that lead to entertaining races.

In Canada two weeks ago, Bridgestone’s crumbling tyres were credited for producing a spectacular race, and The Observer writer Oliver Owen said on Sunday he hoped “Pirelli were paying attention”.

“We want to create a show — as a fan I’d say it (Canada) was great fun, watching the strategy,” Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s competition director, told Reuters in the Valencia paddock on Sunday.

“Others would say that wasn’t very good for the tyre company,” he acknowledged.

“We can happily make a tyre that would last a whole race and not degrade, but we need to try and balance that with a good show. I think we want to do the show route,” said Hembery.

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