Press criticism ‘not clever’ – Alonso

Sun, 16 September 2007, 04:11

Lewis Hamilton at Spa-Francorchamps counted himself out of the espionage affair.

“I don’t have Fernando (Alonso)’s email address,” the Briton told reporters, referring to the explosive evidence that recently threw open the affair and ultimately led to McLaren’s FIA sanction.

Spaniard Alonso, however, chided those with such a simplistic view of the situation, specifically hitting out at the “English press” in conversation with Spanish reporters at Spa.

“After winning two world championships it doesn’t matter to me what anyone says about me,” the 26-year-old, who closed his championship deficit to Hamilton to just two points on Sunday at Spa, added.

“But anyone who thinks this was about two emails is not, I think, very clever.”

He also dismissed Max Mosley’s claim on Saturday that the FIA will keep a close eye on whether McLaren treat Alonso differently in the wake of his whistle-blowing.

“I do not protecting,” Alonso said, “because I have done nothing that would require it. If Max called me yesterday it was to thank me for my collaboration and nothing else.”

He therefore denied that the affair would damage his relationship with McLaren as the 2007 season winds down.

“We have lived in this situation for two, three months and achieved good results, leading both world championships,” Alonso explained. “Inside the team, nothing has changed, but no-one (in the media) seems to be interested in that.

“In any team or any job you have bumps. I am happy whenever I am winning, and not happy when I am not,” he said.

“Right now I have a winning car and I am fighting for my third consecutive world title, so for that reason, I am happy.”

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