Press does not know Schu future – spokeswoman

Thu, 7 September 2006, 03:56

Michael Schumacher’s spokeswoman says newspaper reports predicting the German veteran’s looming retirement should not be trusted.

Sabine Kehm is responding not only to the exclusive ‘Bild’ article, but subsequent reports – such as in The Sun, the Daily Mirror and La Gazzetta dello Sport – that confidently forecast an imminent end to 37-year-old Schumacher’s fifteen year grand prix career.

She said: ”While some people are writing that he is definitely retiring, it’s worth adding that only a couple of weeks ago many newspapers were running big stories saying absolutely the opposite.”

The ‘Bild’ report, however, quoted Williams racer Mark Webber as the latest in a long line of commentators who think Schumacher is about to quit.

The Australian driver reported seeing Schumacher drinking ‘two large beers’ on the Thursday prior to the recent German grand prix.

”It was as though a great weight had dropped from his shoulders,” Webber, 30, explained.

”He was really relaxed. I have never seen him like that before.”

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s manager – Willi Weber – has told Dutch publication Formule 1 RaceReport that his famous colleague and friend will have plenty to do if he stops racing.

”There are so many partners and sponsors that for the next five, six years we have enough to keep busy,” he said.


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