‘Q1’ session split unlikely for Monaco

Fri, 7 May 2010, 10:01

May 7 (GMM) Charlie Whiting seems to have put a lid on a plan by some drivers to have the ‘Q1’ qualifying session split in Monaco next weekend.

Fearing the traffic chaos of 24 cars on the famous twisty streets vying for grid positions with vastly different levels of pace, drivers from both ends of the grid suggested running the usual ‘Q1′ segment in two separate parts.

But the FIA’s Whiting informed them during the regular pre-race drivers’ briefing in Barcelona that a rule change will only be considered if it is proposed unanimously by the teams.

GP veteran David Coulthard admitted the drivers’ idea “does not sit easily with me”.

“I can understand drivers’ safety concerns but traffic is a crucial part of the challenge and exciting for the spectators,” the Scot wrote in a column for the Telegraph.

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