Q&A with Takuma Sato

Mon, 24 September 2007, 06:24

Takuma Sato heads to his home race at Fuji Speedway this coming weekend and expects that the new venue will provide for some entertaining racing. With four points on the board so far this year, Sato believes the team has achieved its target for the season.

Takuma, we have reached the final leg of the 2007 season, what has been the highlight of your year so far?
“It is difficult to pick just one as there have been so many special moments, but I suppose that Barcelona and Montreal would be the two I’d choose. Not only because we scored our first Championship points there, but also because of the racing and the great overtaking moments I had. It was a great team effort at both races.”

The 15th round of the Championship is the Japanese Grand Prix. What are you hoping the Fuji Speedway will provide the drivers?
“I am excited to be going back to Japan and to see this new generation of racing emerging. I have never raced in Fuji except when I was cycling, but this is a very famous circuit and its 1.5 kilometre long straight with heavy braking at the end could provide some great overtaking opportunities. Fuji has always provided exciting racing in other categories, so I am sure that we shall have a great Formula One Grand Prix.”

What aspects of Fuji are you most looking forward to?
“Fuji is close to Tokyo, where I am from, and it is set in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and lakes. I often went driving and cycling there when I raced bikes and it is a good ‘hilly’ training spot.
The weather can be inconsistent as it is in the mountains, but on a clear day the view of Mount Fuji is amazing.”

What would you have said at the start of this season if someone told you that Super Aguri F1 Team would be heading to Japan in 7th place in the Constructors’ Championship?
“I could not have expected this ‘gift’ result! It is the hard work by our team and great racing from the other F1 teams that has made this happen. We have gone beyond our expectations, but we were always aiming high following our 10th position result in Brazil last year. We came into this season with high motivation and I am so pleased that we have achieved our target.”

It was recently announced that the Japanese Grand Prix will alternate between the Suzuka circuit and the Fuji Speedway from 2009, what are your thoughts on this?
“Personally, I have a good history with Suzuka and so I am glad to hear that we will be going back there in 2009. But it is also great for the fans to have two venues in Japan for the Grand Prix and this will make it exciting. This is a new generation of F1 racing and I am sure that it will be a great success.”

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