Qualifying Results and Sprint Race Start Grid

Sun, 9 October 2005, 03:56

After todays 15 minute qualifying session, the times have been set for the sprint race for the A1 Grand Prix at the Eurospeedway in Germany. It was A1 Team France who placed the best time with driver Nicholas Lapierre topping the table with a time of 3:05.332.

‘I am very happy with what happened today. From the start this morning I knew we had a good car that would go well on new tyres. I felt a lot of pressure in the last session but was able to keep at the top of the time sheets,’ Nicholas Lapierre commented on his drive today.

All teams have decided to retain their drivers from the qualifying session, to compete in tommorrows sprint race, despite regulations allowing teams to change drivers between qualifying and the sprint race.

A1 Team Driver Aggregate Time
1 France Nicholas Lapierre 3.05.332
2 USA Scott Speed 3.05.388
3 Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr 3.05.586
4 Great Britain Robbie Kerr 3.06.201
5 Germany Timo Scheider 3.06.209
6 Switzerland Neel Jani 3.06.455
7 Italy Enrico Toccacelo 3.07.009
8 Ireland Ralph Firman 3.07.035
9 Portugal Alvaro Parente 3.07.373
10 Netherlands Jos Verstappen 3.07.391
11 Mexico David Martinez 3.07.425
12 Czech Republic Tomas Enge 3.07.449
13 Canada Sean McIntosh 3.07.584
14 New Zealand Jonny Reid 3.07.679
15 Indonesia Ananda Mikola 3.07.729
16 Pakistan Adam Khan 3.08.559
17 India Karun Chandhok 3.09.255
18 Malaysia Alex Yoong 3.09.499
19 Austria Mathias Lauda 3.09.720
20 China Tengyi Jiang 3.10.161
21 Japan Hideki Noda 3.10.345
22 Australia Christian Jones 3.10.371
23 South Africa Tomas Scheckter 3.10.524
24 Lebanon Kahlil Beschir 3.12.255

Dane Norton

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