Raikkonen, Alonso, Button and Newey more important than Brawn and Schumacher

Sat, 13 January 2007, 12:32

Judging by the votes received on this website, the headline is true.

In our most recent poll, asking who is most likely to take the constructors’ championship in 2007, some 64% voted Ferrari, followed by 20% McLaren, 6.7% Honda, 5.3% Red Bull and a scant 4% Renault.

What we can deduct from this is that our readers firmly believe that Kimi Raikkonen’s presence at Ferrari, along with the team’s inherent capacity, will make up for the Brawn and Schumacher loss. Alonso, too, seems to be the glue for the McLaren team in some fans’ minds. Honda got some votes and even Red Bull, who will be fielding their first Newey-machine, topped Renault’s score.

Obviously, it is Renault’s driver-pairing that completely fails to instill confidence, despite the presence of capable team-boss Flavio Briattore and the now well-known Pat Symonds.

In our new poll, we thought we’d ask what you think about all the hype surrounding Kimi’s social life. The Iceman has become famous for his antics when inebriated but you have to ask yourself: Does it really matter? He is widely considered the fastest driver on the track and surely that is all his profession needs of him?

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