Ralf dislikes Indy, but carmakers need US

Thu, 14 June 2007, 06:28

Ralf Schumacher says he doesn’t like the F1 layout at Indianapolis and would be happy if he no longer had to race at the current venue for the US grand prix.

The German has never scored a point here and has twice been injured following heavy crashes on the famous banked curve.

“I think formula one does not belong to an oval or kind of oval,” the newspaper Indianapolis Star quoted him as saying at a golf function on Wednesday.

Even 31-year-old Schumacher, however, does not go as far as Bernie Ecclestone in reckoning that F1 can live without the US.

Ralf drives for Toyota; a global car manufacturer for which there is a huge market in the States. The majority of the luxury sports cars built at Maranello by Ferrari, meanwhile, are bought by Americans.

Mercedes-Benz has also declared its strong desire to stay in America, and BMW’s Mario Theissen said this week: “The US grand prix is of key importance in so far as the United States is our biggest market.

“We sell more cars here than in Germany and also have our biggest production sites outside Germany.”

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