Red Bull admitting own car problems now – Ricciardo

Thu, 21 May 2015, 08:35

May 21 (GMM) Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull can no longer complain only about its struggling ‘power unit’.

Earlier in 2015, officials of the energy drink-owned team were pointing the finger angrily at Renault, bemoaning a lack of power, driveability and reliability.

But Australian Ricciardo, Red Bull’s lead driver, said on Wednesday it is now abundantly clear that the problem with the RB11 car is “not only the engine”.

“I think now everyone’s obviously aware of that and putting their hand up, saying ‘Yeah we know — it’s not where it should be’,” he said in Monaco.

Ricciardo, 25, said times have changed since Red Bull could boast about having clearly the most downforce in F1.

“Probably the last four or five years with Red Bull, one stand-out was the downforce. This year, we’re not better than anyone in high speed corners, and if anything I think we’re even slower than the top guys,” said Ricciardo.

At the end of last year, Adrian Newey – arguably the most renowned aerodynamicist in the sport’s history – took a step back from the sport.

Ricciardo said: “I don’t want to sound too critical but I don’t think there’s one outstanding excuse. For whatever reason, the puzzle hasn’t quite come together yet and therefore the car’s not working as well as it should be.

“I’m not content with coming seventh or eighth but equally the team isn’t as well,” he added.

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