Red-Bull busy in Valencia

Tue, 14 February 2006, 09:12

There were no soppy flowers or cards with pictures of kittens for our drivers on St. Valentine’s Day, but Christian Klien got a very nice gift in the shape of the latest version of the RB2 car.

Chassis 2 was fitted with the aerodynamic configuration parts it will use for the first race of the season, featuring a revised bodywork package. “We ran cooling configurations and also worked on chassis set-up,” commented Technical Director, Mark Smith.

Running the older version of the car, Robert Doornbos concentrated on set-up work and development of the car’s control systems.

Klien continues in chassis 2 tomorrow, with Doornbos running for the morning in No. 1 before handing over the controls to David Coulthard for the afternoon.

Press release
Red Bull Racing

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