Red Bull controversies ‘boring tactic’ – Webber

Sat, 4 August 2012, 04:35

Aug.4 (GMM) Mark Webber has described the high profile of technical controversies involving Red Bull as a “tactic” deployed by rival teams.

This week, a reportedly “furious” Ferrari hit back at Helmut Marko’s claim that the Italian team was also caught with a hand-adjuster in its 2012 single seater.

Marko’s claim followed the most recent technical controversy involving Red Bull, with the sagas so far in 2012 involving hand-adjusted ride heights, engine mapping, holes in the floor, and others.

Team driver Webber, however, said there are plenty of similar stories up and down pitlane, with those involving the reigning champions always getting the attention.

“I know – I know – other teams have been asked to address things with their cars,” he is quoted by Australian news agency AAP.

“But they’re not for general consumption and some of ours are for general consumption. Red Bull ones always seem to make the media.”

Webber said the high profile of the Red Bull controversies is a “tactic” deployed by the team’s rivals.

“It’s a pretty boring tactic from them, isn’t it?” he said. “Quite predictable.

“In their little bubble, if they want that, that’s great.”

And Webber, currently second in the 2012 points standings behind Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, predicted there would be more Red Bull controversies in the near future.

“There’ll be something else, I promise you, but we will always pass every single test,” he said in London, where he is taking in some Olympic action during F1’s August break.

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