Red Bull drivers slam ‘silly’ tyre rule

Mon, 29 January 2007, 12:10

Red Bull’s 2007 lineup has slammed as “silly” and “strange” the new tyre regulation forcing drivers to use two types of tyre specifications every race.

The FIA regulation, which could become the ‘red-tyre rule’ if Bridgestone paints the side walls to distinguish the hard and soft options, is unlikely to succeed in spicing up the action, the pair said.

David Coulthard, 35, called the idea “silly”, with Mark Webber agreeing that how the teams will manage the regulation is a “no-brainer”.

“You’ll put the slowest set (of tyres) on last, because typically there’s no overtaking at the end of a grand prix,” Coulthard explained.

“So there’s not exactly going to be a great deal of suspense.”

Webber, meanwhile, was sarcastic in predicting how the governing body is likely to act based on the opinion of the men at the racing wheel.

“You know, what the drivers say about that is absolutely not important,” the Australian told reporters.


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