Red Bull “fire up”” RB3 in factory – Webber”

Fri, 19 January 2007, 02:47

Mark Webber on Friday said he watched as Red Bull fired up its 2007 challenger, the Adrian Newey-penned RB3, at the team’s factory in England.

The Milton Keynes-built car will make its track debut next week.

In a teleconference for Australian journalists, the 30-year-old also revealed that the car is “so different” from the disappointing 2006 RB2.

Australian Webber, who raced for Williams in 2005 and 2006, said he will be disappointed if his changing of teams does not result in “podiums” in 2007.

“Obviously the Renault engine is a real coup because they’ve done the business in the last few seasons,” he said.

“I would be disappointed if I don’t get podiums this year.”

Webber’s only podium in more than 80 starts was at Monaco in 2005, where he was beaten to second place by his Williams teammate Nick Heidfeld.

But he said of 2006: “I think I proved myself and I’ve proved myself each year (and) that’s why I’m still in F1.”


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