Red Bull implement ‘changes’ to new car

Thu, 22 February 2007, 10:19

Mark Webber says engineers at Red Bull are implementing changes to the new ‘RB2’ after he and teammate David Coulthard first tested it.

Touching down in Bahrain this week for six days of offshore testing, the Australian racer suggested to the Melbourne newspaper Herald Sun that he is unlikely to be a frontrunner when the season kicks off next month.

The car changes might not be ready until the circus heads to Melbourne, Webber added.

“David and I had a bit to say when we first drove it,” he said, referring to the first Red Bull designed by the championship-winning Adrian Newey.

“I did the first big test and we had a chat about the car. You get a fairly good impression pretty quickly. So off we went to investigate a few things.”

The 30-year-old driver also revealed that his seating position in the RB2 has been modified after he emerged from the initial tests with bruises and scrapes.

Newey is renowned for trading driver comfort for performance.

Webber said: “I would definitely like to be more comfortable. The car is pretty tight in places.

“I would not have liked to race the way the seat was.”


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