Red Bull must tweak ‘bendy’ wing – Marko

Mon, 17 May 2021, 09:00

May 17 (GMM) Dr Helmut Marko admits Red Bull will need to make tweaks to its allegedly ‘bendy’ 2021 rear wing.

After Lewis Hamilton made the observation about Max Verstappen’s “bendy” wing after the Spanish GP, the FIA warned that it would clamp down on the issue of flexible wings with extra checks.

“This is an old story,” Red Bull top official Dr Marko told

“In our world championship years, I think we had to make changes to our front wings two or three times in one season.

“The FIA draws up regulations and the teams try to use them as optimally as possible,” the Austrian explained. “But this is not just a Red Bull issue – other teams are just as affected,” he said.

Indeed, there are reports Alpine may be even more affected by the FIA move than Red Bull.

Marko admitted: “We are assuming that we may have to make minor adjustments in relation to the interpretation that is coming out now. It is a different interpretation than the previous one.”

But he insisted that any rear wing tweaks will not overly affect Red Bull’s performance.

When asked how much pace Verstappen’s car will lose, Marko said: “We are currently calculating that. But it’s not as if it will be decisive for the championship.”

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