Red Bull opinions split over Webber successor

Sat, 29 June 2013, 05:35

Jun.29 (GMM) According to the buzz in the Silverstone paddock, Red Bull is split as the bosses consider who should replace Mark Webber in 2014.

The rumour is that while Christian Horner would like to sign 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen, Dr Helmut Marko would prefer if a Toro Rosso driver – Daniel Ricciardo or Jean-Eric Vergne – is pushed into the top team.

Marko told German television RTL on Saturday that the issue will be considered in more detail in the summer break.

“It’s not about personal preferences,” he insisted. “It must be the best solution for the team.”

Not surprisingly, Webber thinks his fellow Australian, Ricciardo, is ready to step up.

“But obviously there are some other hats in the ring, so let’s see what happens,” he told the Melbourne newspaper The Age.

One problem for Ricciardo, however, is that despite having the upper hand over teammate Vergne earlier this season, the Frenchman has looked impressive more recently.

“He has lifted his game and I can’t turn a blind eye to that and say he got lucky,” Ricciardo admitted.

Whatever happens, Ricciardo thinks he will still be in F1 in 2014 — at Red Bull or Toro Rosso.

“I think so, but you always have to be on your game here,” he said.

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