Renault agonise over engine choice

Thu, 28 September 2006, 04:31

Engines may determine the outcome of the 2006 championship fight between Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher and Renault racer Fernando Alonso.

While Ferrari is preparing to unleash an extra ten horse power in Shanghai, Renault chiefs are busy wondering what to do following Alonso’s failure at Monza with a new 2.4 litre specification, according to Formule 1 RaceReport.

It is understood that the French squad has shipped yet another V8 update to China, but – following several more blow-ups at recent tests – is unsure about both the new specification and the one raced at Monza two weeks ago.

Renault’s engine technical director, Rob White, told Speed TV that both engines will be tested ‘day and night’ on the dynamometers in France until the last minute.

”The data gathered will be analysed, to orientate our choice of engine for the race,” he said.

”We will not race a solution that we do not have full confidence in.”

Renault fell three points behind Ferrari at the Italian grand prix, while Schumacher’s win moved the German to within two points of Spaniard Alonso’s lead in the drivers’ chase.

White added: ”The pressure is on for both us and Ferrari, as any reliability problems at this stage of the season would be catastrophic.”


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