Renault content with loss of customer Williams

Thu, 30 May 2013, 12:35

May 30 (GMM) Renault on Thursday indicated it can cope with the loss of F1 engine customer Williams.

Amid reports Mercedes is offering its turbo V6 at a lower price, Williams announced that it is switching from Renault to the German marque for 2014 and beyond.

Renault, currently also supplying Red Bull, Lotus and Caterham and adding Toro Rosso to its roster for 2014, said the idea of five customers in 2014 “would not make sense economically or be ideal for our resources”.

“Three or up to four teams is the ideal for us so the departure of Williams normalises the situation and makes things much clearer from our side,” said Renault Sport F1 president Jean-Michel Jalinier.

Caterham is expected to stay with Renault in 2014, but it has been reported that Lotus is in talks with Ferrari.

Jalinier said: “We will announce the next team within a matter of days, and then confirm the final stage before the end of June.”

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