Renault contract means ‘no decision to make’ – Horner

Mon, 22 June 2015, 07:35

Jun.22 (GMM) Speculation Red Bull might revert to Ferrari power looks set to end.

Christian Horner, the energy drink-owned team’s boss, gave short shrift to the issue on Sunday, after Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne indicated he would be happy to supply Red Bull with turbo V6 power units.

“I would give engines to anyone, provided they pay,” Marchionne is quoted by La Repubblica.

“But I have to say that if the Ferrari engine is at Red Bull, I still hope that the Ferrari engine that wins would be in the Ferrari,” he added.

For his part, Horner seemed to have his tongue planted firmly in his cheek when he thanked Marchionne for the “very generous offer”.

“First of all, we have a contract with Renault,” said the Briton.

“Sergio generously offered us his engine, but I suppose he did not disclose to you (reporters) the terms on which he offers them,” Horner added.

It is believed Horner is referring to the likely ‘B’ status of Red Bull’s hypothetical Ferrari engine deal, as well as the high cost.

Horner added: “We have a contract with Renault, so there is no decision to make.”

He insisted Red Bull’s relationship with the French carmaker is not broken, but said frustration at not being able to fix the problem is high.

“We still want to win,” Horner is quoted by Bild am Sonntag, “but you can’t win a horse race with a Shetland pony.”

Some believe Red Bull’s ideal solution would be for Renault to go its own way, while at the same time the Volkswagen brand Audi decides to enter F1.

One rumour is that Marchionne made his offer to Red Bull public in order to put Audi off.

He denies that.

“Whenever I see the Volkswagen people,” he said in Austria, “I urge them to enter F1. I am sure they can have a great future in F1 because they are very good, so it is with open arms.”

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