Renault could appeal ‘mass damper’ verdict

Thu, 10 August 2006, 11:34

Ferrari’s Ross Brawn has advised F1 rivals Renault to drop its opposition to the FIA’s recent banning of ‘mass dampers’.

It was reported this week that Renault engineering director Pat Symonds is confident that the FIA will fail when it appeals Hockenheim stewards’ decision to rule the technology as legal.

The International Court of Appeal will hear the case on August 22.

”We’ve had lots of occasions when we perhaps haven’t agreed with (the FIA’s) assessment of a situation,” Brawn remarked.

”But if we do get to the situation where we regularly challenge (them) through the stewards, it’s going to get messy.”

Renault, which will put forward its argument at the August hearing, is believed to have been affected most from the FIA’s mid-season decision to ban the device.

It first appeared on a Renault car last September.

If the Court sides with the FIA, Symonds refused to rule out appealing the verdict.

The Briton said: ”I think we would have to consider our position of course, but we are so convinced that the decision will be upheld – the technical argument is so overwhelming – we haven’t actually even thought of that process yet.”

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