Renault doubt Ferrari wheels are legal

Mon, 4 September 2006, 05:24

Renault technical chief Pat Symonds has questioned the legality of Ferrari’s wheel fairings, after it emerged that the Italian team intend to again use the innovation at Monza this week.

On the rear of the ‘248’ single seater, the black wheel-rim covers – having debuted in Istanbul – appeared again at the recent Monza test, although Ferrari insist that they aid brake cooling, not aerodynamic efficiency.

The latest technical saga follows the recent ‘mass damper’ affair, when the FIA controversially banned Renault’s in-car system ostensibly because it broke the rules about moving aerodynamic pieces.

In Turkey two weeks ago, McLaren were the first to raise doubts about the Ferrari wheels, although the British team stopped short of lodging a protest.

Interestingly, Renault’s Symonds is now quoted by ‘Auto Motor Und Sport’ as wondering whether the Ferrari wheels violate rules forbidding changes to brakes under ‘parc ferme’ conditions.

”You’re allowed to change the wheels,” he confirmed, ”but (Ferrari) are also changing their (car’s) brake cooling.”


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