Renault go for wider ‘V’

Thu, 24 November 2005, 04:32

Next season, World Champion Constructors Renault, will change the angle of their ‘V’ engine from 72 to 90 degrees. This will give the team to take full advantage of the new V8 regulations and going for a more widespread engine layout, which also explains partly why the team is not investing in and ‘interim’ test car.

Not commonly following other teams, who have built ‘interim’ test cars as early products of the V8 cars to use next season to test during the Christmas break, Renault believes that these ‘intermin’ test cars are more demanding with little results to regular testing. ”An interim car requires a large commitment of resources to produce a relatively unrepresentative chassis,” commented Technical Director Bob Bell.

It is expected that Renault will produce their two “R26 V8’s” early next year to begin more accurate testing for the 2006 season.

Dane Norton

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