Renault may appeal Japan GP disqualification

Thu, 24 October 2019, 07:35

Oct.24 (GMM) Renault has been excluded from the results of the recent Japanese GP.

It follows a protest lodged by rival Racing Point, in which it was alleged that Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg’s cars feature “pre-set lap distance-dependent brake bias adjustment” systems.

The FIA confirmed that Racing Point’s information about the system came from a “former Renault employee”.

The yellow cars’ ECUs and steering wheels were seized at Suzuka and an investigation launched. A telephone hearing took place on Wednesday of this week.

According to the FIA, Renault “did not dispute” that the brake bias display changes automatically, but insisted that the drivers use buttons to actually change the settings.

The FIA concluded that the system therefore “does not breach” the technical regulations.

However, the system was nonetheless found to be a ‘driver aid’, which is a breach of the separate sporting regulations – even though stewards ruled that the drivers’ “skills or reflexes” are not impacted.

Renault can appeal the disqualification, and the French team announced that it will indeed “consider its next course of action” before the deadline expires on Thursday.

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