Renault ‘not racing to win’ – Piquet

Thu, 28 February 2008, 05:25

Renault will not be “racing to win” when the 2008 season commences in Australia next month.

That is the opinion of Nelson Piquet Jr, following three days in the formula one midfield at the final group test of the pre-season in Barcelona this week.

The Brazilian rookie is quoted as saying by the Spanish newspaper Marca that, even though he thinks some teams have been over-performing with light fuel loads in Spain, the leading McLarens have been a full second a lap quicker than Renault’s R28 in even conditions.

“We are not going to be fighting with McLaren or Ferrari, we will be fighting with BMW, Red Bull and Williams,” Piquet, who is 22, said.

“We are not racing to win,” he added.

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