Renault plan ultra-reliable V8 for Brazil

Tue, 10 October 2006, 02:21

Renault will use an ultra-reliable engine in Brazil to ensure that Fernando Alonso finishes a minimum of eighth.

The Spanish press quoted both the 25-year-old racer and engine boss Denis Chevrier as confirming that much attention this week will be put into ensuring that Alonso wins the title by not retiring at the 2006 championship finale.

The ‘AS’ newspaper joked that the French squad should consider installing a ‘diesel’ power plant in Alonso’s car.

Chevrier admitted: “It is obvious that our technical approach will not be the same as usual.

“We are not going to be looking for that final tenth.”

It is understood, however, that Renault is not planning to revert to an older specification V8, but will rather focus on bolstering aspects of reliability with the current engine.

And Chevrier insisted: “Fernando is not going to give up a chance to win if he sees that it is possible. Nevertheless, his objectives in Brazil will be different.”


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