Renault seeks agreement for 2009 engine parity

Mon, 10 November 2008, 11:58

Nov.10 (GMM) The real political motive behind Renault’s opposition to immediate F1 testing cuts has now emerged

When the French team recently vetoed plans to halve the current test limit to just 15,000 kilometres next year, some made a link between the news and the FIA’s threats about more draconian measures, like standard engines

But while team boss Flavio Briatore’s links with the engine maker Mecachrome do exist, Auto Motor und Sport reports that the real link on this matter is between the Renault veto and the issue of engine parity

Briatore confirmed to the German magazine that he is seeking the unanimous approval of the other team bosses so that Renault (and Honda) can get back up to speed amid the engine freeze

“Allow us to make our engines better and then we can talk about any testing restrictions,” the Italian is quoted as pleading with his colleagues

He said being penalised with an underpowered engine for several years is unfair

“We only followed the rules. If we had to keep this engine and were then not even able to test, we would be nowhere,” Briatore said

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