Renault start work on ‘B’ car

Mon, 26 March 2007, 12:52

Reigning world champion team Renault is planning a ‘B’ version of its 2007 machine after the R27 proved only the fourth quickest car in Melbourne.

At the first race after reigning champion Fernando Alonso’s switch to McLaren, Renault runners were clearly outpaced by Ferrari, McLaren and BMW at the ’07 season opener.

According to Sport Bild, the situation has led Flavio Briatore to order engineers to start work on the ‘R27B’, which could debut as soon as the first grand prix in Europe.

Renault engineers are apparently already agreed that the R27’s wheelbase is too short, leading to a lack of grip when using the new Bridgestone control tyres.

Indeed, team boss Briatore told us in Melbourne: “We had balanced our (2006) car with Michelin and the moment we put the Bridgestones on was a shock.”

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