Renault to develop new car early in 2020

Tue, 25 February 2020, 08:35

Feb.25 (GMM) Renault will do some quick-fire car development early in 2020.

After a low-profile winter, it was thought the French team had effectively written off 2020 in favour of focusing fully on the new rules for 2021.

While that may partially be true, Renault does intend to aggressively develop the newly-launched car early this season, with upgrades set to arrive in Melbourne, Vietnam and Zandvoort.

“The concept is good,” said executive director Marcin Budkowski. “It will now be upgraded in quick steps.”

Renault’s Achilles heel, however, could be the engine. Auto Bild reports that unlike Mercedes, Honda and Ferrari, Renault’s 2020 engine is basically the same as last year’s.

“Then you lose three tenths instantly, solely because of the engine,” an insider said.

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