Renault to quit?

Tue, 3 January 2006, 01:18

Renault’s latest stint in Formula 1 may be coming to an end – or at least so believes Gerhard Berger. It doesn’t make sense to him that the new world champion would quit a winning team – unless he knows the future of Renault is not long-term.

“It could very well mean that he knows that Renault do not have long term plans for Formula 1,” Berger told Sport am Sonntag.

Berger also wondered whether Alonso’s McLaren switch for 2007 indicates that Kimi Raikkonen is bound for Italy.

“Perhaps Raikkonen has told Ron Dennis, ‘That’s it, I will not be with you in 2007, I will be somewhere else’,” Gerhard Berger pondered.

And why not? Renault has often been heard threatening to follow French counterparts Peugeot out of the sport, citing poor ROI and massive costs as potential reasons. Now they have reached the pinnacle they may well decide to quit while they’re on top.

Edu de Jager

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