Renault took biggest backwards step in ’07

Tue, 21 August 2007, 06:50

Renault took the biggest step backwards this year compared with every other formula one team, according to an analysis.

The magazine Auto Motor und Sport claims that the French team, after securing the 2005 and 2006 drivers’ and constructors’ titles, fell back more dramatically than any rival this year in terms of championship points and actual car pace — including the dreadful Honda outfit.

After 11 races last year, Renault had 142 points on the scoreboard, and 121 in 2005.

This year, the team has just 33, and is a large margin behind not only McLaren and Ferrari but also BMW-Sauber.

On the track, Renault has dropped back by an average of 1.204 seconds. In comparison, McLaren gained 0.039 seconds per lap in 2007 compared with last year, and BMW-Sauber 0.051.

A big upwards mover, meanwhile, is Red Bull; some 1.151 quicker than in 2006.

Renault, however, fares better in the reliability stakes, with only McLaren completing more racing laps so far this season, but is dead last in the comparison of points scored in 2007 and 2006.

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