Renault vow to ‘respect’ Court verdict

Tue, 15 August 2006, 10:50

Renault has backed away from reports that the Enstone-based team might appeal the outcome of this month’s ruling on the legality of ‘mass damper’ systems.

In a statement announcing the team’s attendance at the Court of Appeal next Tuesday, Pat Symonds was quoted as saying the verdict is likely to be ‘unbiased’ and ‘final’ and he vowed to ‘respect (the Court’s) decision’.

He added: ”(We) will attend the hearing and will put forward a case.”

Earlier this month, Symonds – Renault’s executive director of engineering – refused to rule out appealing the verdict.

”But we are so convinced that the (stewards’ original) decision will be upheld,” the Briton had said, ”we haven’t actually even thought of that process yet.”

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