‘Results crisis, not Vettel crisis’ – Danner

Tue, 17 April 2012, 08:35

Apr.17 (GMM) It is wrong to say Sebastian Vettel has entered a period of “crisis” after winning two world championships on the trot.

That is the insistence of Christian Danner, a former grand prix driver who now commentates on German television RTL.

“It’s a results crisis, not a Vettel crisis,” he told the news agency DAPD.

He is referring not only to Red Bull’s failure to win a race so far in 2012, but the fact former pole position-king Vettel was outqualified in Australia, Malaysia and Bahrain by his teammate Mark Webber.

Webber, meanwhile, has out-scored Vettel at the last two races, and is eight points ahead in the drivers’ standings.

Referring to 24-year-old Vettel, Danner insisted: “Great racing drivers, just like other great athletes, have always shown that they develop strongly even in defeat.”

The finer detail of Vettel’s season so far is that he has struggled so much with the race version of the RB8 car’s exhaust layout that the team rolled out the pre-season specification for the German driver in China.

Webber, meanwhile, ploughed on with Adrian Newey’s latest specification and performed better in Shanghai.

“There are some characteristics about the upgraded car that weren’t particularly suited to his (Vettel’s) style of driving which is to carry a lot of speed into the corner,” team boss Christian Horner is quoted by Reuters news agency.

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