Retired Schu to earn $26m in 2007 – report

Mon, 18 September 2006, 11:46

Michael Schumacher has no plans to stop earning a lot of money, according to the retiring Ferrari driver’s long time manager.

Willi Weber told newspaper ‘Bild am Sonntag’ that his goal is to make the seven time world champion an ‘advertising emperor’ in the years following his final race on the grid in China next month.

He revealed: ”Most of our existing partners will stay with us, and we will also be working on the next super deals.”

Personal sponsors DVAG, Shell and Omega have already renewed their deals with 37-year-old Schumacher.

The Sunday newspaper also reckoned that, even from his mansion in countryside Switzerland, Schumacher could earn more in 2007 – up to $26 million in total – than his brother Ralf, world champion Fernando Alonso and Ferrari replacement Kimi Raikkonen.

His total fortune has reportedly surpassed $800m.


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