Ricciardo says he is not worse off at Renault

Mon, 22 July 2019, 10:35

Jul.22 (GMM) Daniel Ricciardo says he has no regrets about leaving Red Bull.

The Australian stunned the F1 world last year by announcing that he is leaving the top energy drink-owned team to join Renault.

“I would not have been better off at Red Bull,” Ricciardo told the Dutch publication Formule 1.

“I’m happy with where I am.

“People often say to me ‘Look at Max and where he is’. I’m not saying this against Red Bull, but they are exactly where they have been for the past five years,” he insisted.

“Last year they had won three races at around this point of the season, now they have just won for the first time.

“I definitely don’t regret my move to Renault,” said Ricciardo.

He admitted his results at Renault are “not yet great”, but added: “I am very happy with the team and what I see here.

“And most importantly, I’m happy with myself and what I’m trying to build up here with the engineers.”

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