Ride height saga shows Red Bull ‘feared’ – Vettel

Mon, 12 April 2010, 12:01

Apr.12 (GMM) The FIA’s rule clarification about adjustable ride-height mechanisms has no impact on Red Bull, boss Christian Horner and designer Adrian Newey insist.

Following speculation that the ride-height of the RB6 car is somehow being altered between qualifying and the race, the governing body said last week that such a system would theoretically be a breach of the regulations.

But Horner says the FIA is “completely happy” with the car after detailed inspections, adding that it will be transported to China in an identical mechanical specification to the one raced to first and second places in Malaysia.

And Newey told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “We have neither an illegal, automatic system, nor a legal one like Ferrari’s which allows an adjustment at the pitstops.”

However, it also emerges that while Horner said recently he would welcome an FIA rule-tweak to legalise a ride-height change between qualifying and the race, Red Bull actually voted against the proposal.

Auto Motor und Sport said a second team also vetoed the rule change.

But the reason for Red Bull’s veto reportedly has nothing to do with a secret system aboard the RB6, but instead the fact that its design is more efficient than its rivals with both high and low ride-heights.

The team’s German driver Sebastian Vettel told Sport Bild magazine: “It is always the case in formula one that the fastest cars are observed closely by the competition.

“There is always speculation and it’s actually a compliment, because it shows that we are feared,” the 22-year-old added.

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