Rodriguez again tests Spyker at Silverstone

Wed, 17 October 2007, 01:44

Spanish hopeful Roldan Rodriguez returned to the wheel of Spyker’s formula one car on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old rookie, who will also test for the Indian-Dutch squad over the upcoming winter period, conducted a shakedown at a wet Silverstone circuit in a car simulating the ban next year on traction control and other electronic driver aids.

“This set-up is going to be entertaining for the public next year and also the drivers, but no so much when the track is wet,” Rodriguez commented to the Spanish newspaper ‘As’.

Rodriguez, a contender for a Spyker race seat in 2008, later departed for Sao Paulo where he will observe the activities of the team from the pits this weekend.

He is scheduled to return to the cockpit of the Spyker for three more test days at Barcelona next month.

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