Rome mayor says Monza more important to F1

Mon, 10 January 2011, 08:01

Jan.10 (GMM) Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno has pledged only conditional support to plans for a formula one street race in the Italian capital.

There is fierce opposition to promoter Maurizio Flammini’s plans for the race in the EUR district including from Ferrari, who insist that there is only room in F1 for one grand prix per country.

Mayor Alemanno has now declared that if that is true, then Monza and not Rome should represent Italy in F1.

“If it comes down to a choice between Monza or Rome, then we (the city) will step back because the Italian grand prix is at Monza,” he is quoted by Rai.

But Alemanno added that he does think there is “room” in F1 for two Italian races.

“A circuit race and a street race are different and we think the two will support one another,” he said.

When asked why many people – including EUR residents – oppose the Rome grand prix project, Alemanno said it is due to their “little knowledge” of the plans.

“I think it’s worth it because it will increase the tourist flow and the international attention of the whole of Italy,” he added.

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